Monday, 21 November 2011

Mammoth Academy released: Learn how to make and HTML 5, Chrome store, Facebook games and more!

It is my great pleasure to release the Mammoth Academy. This is a course that you get to take on the video course training site Udemy.  There are over 200 lectures on how to make HTML 5, Facebook, and google chrome store games.

I wanted to give this an edge over every other class there is both on the internet and off. We all know how awesome internet tutorials are. All you have to do search for anything you want and there will be ten thousand tutorials waiting for you to read and learn from them. While these internet tutorials are great I find that most of them deal with how to get from A to B. These tutorials only deal with the technical and how to  portion of the learning process. Essentially it tells you how to get from A to B.

These tutorials don't really tell you why you should go from A to B. Usually the deeper understanding of a subject is reserved for college and university level courses.

What I am trying to do in these courses is give you that deeper and more creative understanding of the subject matter. This isn't isn't usually done in online courses and that is why I am doing this. I am happy to mention that I am first to market for a number of reasons:

  • Putting college and university level concepts into an online tutorial course about gaming
  • The first to make a game from scratch and cover all the other production issues from programming to art to music
  • The first real course on how to make HTML 5, Facebook and chrome store games
  • The first do do this with Scirra's amazing construct 2 engine
There is another big reason why this course is so different from the others. Game production is very departmentalized. But I see that there is little or no reason for it. The current mentality is that an artist could never be a programmer and vise versa. Personally those are just mental blocks that are set up and have no reason to be there. In this course you learn how to do everything and I mean everything about game design. I tear down that mental block and show you how to do everything yourself. 

On another note, when I hire somebody to work with me I would like them to use this production style. Personally I love to see when an artist has in game examples of their art. Games production is so fragile things can fall apart quite easily if you are not too careful. I generally like to work with people who are very skilled at one thing and know a lot about other things. The more somebody knows about the entire game development process the better.

I am very excited to have completed this course. I am continuing to make more tutorials. If you have ever wanted to learn game design this is your chance. Take the course you won't regret it. 

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