Thursday, 17 November 2011

My Advice for young people 2011

Being young can be tough for many different reasons. Lots of people ask me for advice and here is what I say to them.

Start a blog
Starting a blog is the best way to start producing and achieving right away. It is also a great way to improve your writing skills. A lot of people can not get anything done. If there is one way to stand out it is to produce results. Writing to a blog once a day will get you in the habit of producing and releasing. It doesn't have to be attached to your name. The blog posts can be about anything. The blog dosen't have to be serious it can be fun. You can even make some money with adsense. Wouldn't it be great to make money with your writing?

Find somebody who is older than you and would love to coach you
Going through school you will find that some teachers are amazing and others are there just for the summer vacations. If you are young there are lots of older people who would love to help you and mentor you. Find these people and listen to what they have to say. Don't find just one either. Find a few and really pay attention to what they say. Finding an older friend to help you will be beneficial for you and them.

Get a job
Having employment on your resume is essential. While your few few jobs might not be that good it will be better for your career than sitting around. If you can get into a vertically integrated company, find out how the corporate structure works. Some companies will pay for things such as training. Imagine getting paid to go to school. On top of all of this you will be making money. 

Try to skip the pecking order
School gives you an impression that you have to though life in order. You have to pass grade 2 before you go to grade 3. But what if you like the courses in grade 3 better than 2. Why do you have to go through that? If you are in high school try going to a university lecture. When you apply to a company try applying to a higher up position than the bottom. 

My first real job was a guitar teacher I was 17 at the time with little experience. All I did was apply. I had practiced my guitar a lot and I got the job. I was getting paid a lot of money and the experience was invaluable. On top of that I taught 53 students a week. Nobody at that age gets that kind of experience.

If you go into the situation with confidence then you have a higher chance of succeeded. Try to skip the pecking order whenever you can. 

Try to get as many scholarships as possible
School is expensive in most countries. In the United States, student debt is now in the trillions. Going for a college degree is non negotiable. You have to at least get one. But what you don't have to do is pay for it. Try and get as many scholarships as you possibly can. The less you have to pay for education the better. Everything that you cannot pay with scholarships you have to pay by yourself and that would most likely have to go into debt. Remember if you go into debt the items you bought are more expensive than the purchase price.

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