Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Stanford offers free online computer science course

Sometimes when the big universities get it right, they really get it right.  Stanford is offering free computer science courses online. In addition they will be offering online tests so that you can quiz your knowledge. Although most of the classes won't start until 2012, that hasn't suppressed any of the excitement from people like me. Online video lectures solves so many problems with education. Here are some good reasons why offering online lectures is a fantastic idea.
  • You can watch the videos whenever you want
  • You can go back and review
  • You can ask people in the forums questions about that video
  • You can listen to the video at 1.77x the speed so that you can fit more videos in
  • You don't need to go through a pecking order to get there
One of the best things about online video tutorials is that you can watch them whenever you want and if you can watch them at 1.77x times the regular speed you can watch more of them. Going back and reviewing is essential and with video tutorials its quite easy. You can ask people on forums if you don't understand something and they would be glad to help. When you are at a higher level you can help the new people. The learning is circular.

My favorite part is that anybody can take a university course. It doesn't matter if you are in elementary school or graduated years ago. Everybody can take part in that class. The current system says that you have to go to grade 1 then 2 then so on. But what if you want to learn the course material in grade 2 today. Well with courses like this you can.

One thing I like doing is jumping into a situation that is over my head. You learn more this way. If a teacher in elementary school said to me that I was going to go to a higher grade class I would have loved it.

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