Monday, 28 November 2011

Why selling stuff on the app store for a dollar sucks

I don't like selling my games for a dollar. I find it hard to impossible to make money off of that dollar. Let's look at the math.

The customer pays 99 cents - 30 goes to Apple - 2 cents go to taxes = 68 cents to the developer

The reason I don't like this model is that 68 cents is not a lot of money. This is why I don't sell my apps for a dollar. The lowest amount is that I sell is 2 dollars. I couldn't imagine working on a team of 5+ people with a profit margin of 68 cents a purchase.

Then people say "Well if you sell 10 million then...."

That's a pretty large if. There is only one real way for your apps to make it big on the app store and that is to have apple feature you app. If it dosen't get featured then I would say move onto another project.

You can actually make money selling your app for more than a dollar. One idea that I would like to see more common place at least for indie games is that the cost is 1 dollar per person. So if I made a game by myself it would be 1 dollar and if I had a team of 3 people I would sell it for 3 dollars. This makes so much sense for the developer.

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