Sunday, 27 November 2011

Why you should start making your game right now

You should start making your great game idea right now. While you are reading this other people are producing and releasing. Your great game idea is nothing if you do not release it. It is worthless if it is setting on your hard drive.

So why not start now? Most people don't know where to begin. Well I say start with A non programming engine such as scirra's construct 2. This engine is so easy to use and you can start making your game. If you do not have a PC you can use game salad for mac.

Start making as many games as you possibly can. The more games you make the better you will be at making games. You can release your awesome game idea and you develop a new skill.

Remember today is a great day to start. Not tomorrow, today.


  1. Hi John,

    You and your site rock!

    I saw your course on gaming listed on App Sumo, and I'm very interested in taking it.

    I also read that you eventually plan on adding additional courses, such as "How to make an interactive ebook from scratch", which is what I really want to learn.

    Should I take the current course you offer, meaning will it eventually help me with my eBook, and do you have an idea when you will offer the eBook course?


  2. Hi there,

    The ebook course is planned out and it will come out in 2012 sometime. If you have a PC then you can use construct 2 and if you have a mac you can wait for the game salad courses which recorded and being rendered. They should be online by the end of January.

    The deal on app sumo won't last forever. The engine that is taught will teach you the fundamentals of games and interactive ebooks are really light games. You could probably figure out how to make one if you go through the first 100 lectures in the course. The interactive ebook course will

    Thanks for writing.