Friday, 9 December 2011

Bastion is on the chrome store, native clients on the web and what's next for the chrome store.

I am speechless. Bastion is on the chrome store.

Im surprised this was even possible. Usually you have to code these kinds of games in native code. But apparently Google has a native client called NaCl that will allow developers to use native code on the web. What this could mean is that bigger games that were coded in native code can now be played on the web. I have to give google a gold star for doing this. 

So what does this mean for all of the app stores? Every device seems to have its own store and each of them have their positives and negatives. All of them make money but as a developer some of them are better than others. The most famous is Apple's app store. It has made a ton of money and is probably the most well known. But that might change with Google's chrome store. 

So far the best part of the app store to any developer is that everybody gets an equal chance. Nobody screens for content and every developer gets a shot of making the next Angry Birds. It's a more modern style of distribution. It is similar to how youtube will just allow almost any video to be put on there. So if you have a game and it doesn't crash, then you are good to sell on the apps store. The chrome store works in the same way. There is no filtering for content. If you want to make a chrome store game and it doesn't crash you can sell your game on the store.

This approach is better for developers especially indie developers like Mammoth Interactive (me). This way everybody gets a fair shot at production. It says let the best game win (for the most part). The services that does not do this is Microsoft. They purposely divide the service into three tiers. There are certain privileges and features that you as the developer can and can't have. For example, you can't have achievements on XBLIG or in game purchases. As I have stated before. This is a major problem and it's why I will not be developing for Microsoft until they change this.

This is why the chrome store and the app store are much more attractive to me and other indie developers. On both of these stores I can use in game purchases as well as achievements and leader-boards if I want to (the chrome store doesn't have leader boards or achievements at this time). For me, I need to be able to compete with the giants. I need everything available at my disposal in order to succede. In the past, it was hard to impossible to make money off an indie game and now it is easier than ever.

Sidebar: I tell everybody who reads the blog to ship a game sooner rather than later. It is now easier than ever to make money so start shipping.

So as an indie developer I will be for sure putting a lot of thought into the chrome store for 2012. 

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