Friday, 2 December 2011

The best defense of piracy is to not produce it

If you don't want your game or content pirated don't produce it. It cannot be pirated if it doesn't exist.

Ubisoft recently announced that thy are not producing a PC version due to piracy.

In the article it says that the PC game wasn't even part of the plan. They tailored the game towards the consoles and they would have to re-design the game for PC. If you want to make a good PC game, you make it free and with purchases. But not every game should be like that. What about Braid for example. In game purchases would ruin it. So how does the developer make money if a game's design doesn't support in game purchases. The answer is simply release for consoles. There is still piracy for consoles but there is much less and with each generation of consoles that comes out the piracy gets harder.

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