Saturday, 3 December 2011

Make your own Legend of Zelda franchise

We all know and love the Legend of Zelda. There is one thing that this game franchise does that makes it great to plan and last essentially forever. What Zelda does is have re-occurring characters and themes. Each game that is produced has a similar story, theme and characters. When a new game comes out it is familiar enough so that people know what they want and it is different enough that people buy it and enjoy it.

This is simply brilliant. Let's look at how to make your own Zelda franchise.

  1. Get a list of characters and give them flexible attributes
  2. Make a list of possible settings again with flexible attributes
  3. Set up a your game mechanics
  4. Have a fixed release schedule
Now making a franchise like Zelda dosen't happen over night. But you can experiment with these ideas and you can make your own franchise. 

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