Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Mammoth Academy is on AppSumo: Learn how to make video games with zero programming

I am pleased to annouce that AppSumo has run the Mammoth Academy on their site. As of today there is 5 days left to get 75% off. The course is only 99 dollars. 

Here is what AppSumo had to say about the course:

Who doesn’t love a good casual computer game?
Games like Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and World of Goo have exploded in popularity for wider demographics in recent times.

Got an amazing idea for a game but ZERO programming knowledge?

We’re right there with ya...

See, I have this idea for an AppSumo game called “5 Minutes To Squash A Deal”.

You play a handsome and husky Sumo who travels around the world finding the offices of the people who offer AWESOME products or services for web geeks and business professionals.

When you find them you can either...

1) Kidnap the CEO
2) Deploy stealth ninjas (you have to find those first and get them to defect to Sumo Nation) to swap out prices
3) Or just negotiate (i.e., push them against a wall with 502 lbs. of happy gut force)

And then you score points when ever you SQUASSSSSH the hell out of a deal!

Sounds like a winner, right?

Anyway, hiring a team of game developers is a bit out of this Sumo’s price range, and digging around learning how to create a game is too frustrating for Sumos (we barely have the patience to wait for someone to seat us to eat).

That’s why we were soooo freakin’ happy when we found this course from John Bura of Mammoth Interactive.

John has been programming games since 1997 (damnnnn old school; FF VII for the WIN!).

And he has been teaching others how create games since 2002, so he’s something of a game veteran who can quickly teach you all the tips and tricks that took him years to learn.

Ok, before we get any more into it, there’s one little disclaimer...

This is a HUGE course (though damn well worth the price) that actually teaches you in a way your Sumo-noodle can understand.

I’m talking about 5 full lessons broken down into 348 videosThis is NOT for the weak of heart or frail fingers...

This is for those who are willing to put in the effort needed to create AWESOME games and reach the "Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps" hall of fame!

This is for those who have a seedling of an idea for a GREAT game but can’t afford to hire a team or have NO IDEA how to even begin to create a game.

What makes this course different from other game development courses is that other courses only concentrate on the basics of putting a game together.

This course teaches you all that, but ALSO teaches you sound and music creation (which actually adds 70% to the game experience).

Ready to learn an entire degree’s worth of game development for less than the price of a community college class? This course normally goes for $399, but we've squashed the deal down to ONLY $99!

Click BUY NOW and get access to this course (which is yours forever) and get your game development going!

The “Mega-Man Of Eating” Chief Sumo

P.S. This course will also eventually give you access to bonus material, including:
  • An introduction to Game Salad, the powerful engine that allows you to deploy to Apple's App Store and the Android Market
  • How to make an interactive ebook from scratch
  • How to compose and remix video game music in FL Studio
...as soon as they’ve finished the production of the videos (free extras for everyone! Hooray!).

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