Thursday, 15 December 2011

Setting a countdown timer to improve efficiency

Have you ever spent the whole day "producing" and have the results have been mediocre? Perhaps you should set a countdown timer to improve efficiency. I usually set mine to about half an hour. In this time you don't listen to music, don't check Facebook, don't do anything but produce in a very clear and focused half hour of production.

I find this works because most of our attention spans are about a half hour anyway. You can set the timer, produce and when the timer is over you can go and do something else for 10 minutes. This way it gives your brain sometime to think about what you have just done and it gives it a little breather. I find that when I produced with this method my product is much better than when I don't use the method

You can really use any length of time. I even do this in 5 minutes intervals for speed production practice. I recommend shorter versus longer periods of time. The reason is that you have to hurry when the time is shorter.

Give this method a shot and post below. I would like to see your comments.

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