Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Why 100% creative control is not always the best thing

I recently watched Harry Plinket tear apart Star Wars and Star Trek

If you haven't watch these videos I urge you to watch them. They give you an insite as to how to make a production make sense.

One of the best parts of this review is how he looks at the production process. He shows several parts a long the way where major problems could have been fixed. If they had fixed these problems the movies would have been much better.  Some people think production is a nonsense career and doesn't have a lot of weight.

As a producer you craft memorable experiences that translate into loving life

There are more points to living than just being alive. When you drop the ball as the the Star Wars prequels have done you have disappointed people and ruin the love people have for the experience and life.

Having 80% creative control is just as good as having 100%. Other people will help you make your ideas better. This works is most areas of production. Surprisingly, the only area where this dosen't work is musical composition. Solo artists and composers can compose and produce by themselves and get wonderful results. But I feel that bigger projects have to have more people. Eventually, landmark games will be producable by one person.

If you are the producer give some credibility to your team. They will help make your product much better than if you commanded all of the orders.

As a producer if you give a little your product will get a lot

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