Saturday, 17 December 2011

Why the Chrome Web Store is better for developers

I'm always looking for places to deploy my game. There is one feature that makes the Chrome Web Store really attractive. It's the fact that in order to be a developer it costs 5 dollars and they only take 5% of the profits. Look at most other places like the app store where it costs 100 dollars a year and they take 30%. Now people can argue that apple is hosting your game and they are marketing the store. But I highly doubt that my game is being marketed. They are just promoting angry birds and other apps. So why do I have to pay 30%?

The proposition fo only giving google 5% is amazing and personally I think that is fair because 30% is a lot. I still think that the Chrome Web Store will be the best place for any development company to make a game. It will especially be a great place for indies to go and be successful.

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