Sunday, 5 February 2012

Doing what you have to do to save money

As you know I run a course on how to make games. Making one of these courses is actually really time consuming. Rendering and uploading the video takes a weekend. When I released my first course I didn't go out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I spend the entire time rendering and uploading.

Sidebar: I don't know what it is about teaching but it seems like in every case the teaching is awesome but there is something that makes it not fun. It could be admin, marking, or rendering videos. 

So I could hire somebody to do it, but that would eat into my profits so I just do it myself. So I do what I have to do in order get the project out there. It doesn't matter what the project is, there is always something you have to do in order to release the project. A lot of people just pass this process off and it kills the project. Until you are extremely rich get ready to do some grunt work to release. After all, your project is worthless unless you release it.

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