Wednesday, 14 March 2012

If you haven't heard of playMobi yet please go check it out

This is simply awesome. This illustrates one of the biggest advantages of developing with HTML 5. You can get modularity over different devices. If you haven't heard of what playMobi is please go check it out it is a really awesome new service.

For those of you that want the gist of it basically if you make a game with playMobi, you can deploy it to multiple locations such as facebook, iOS devices and android devices. That alone is cool but there is more to it. The best part is that a player can play one game on their mobile device and then have their stats update on their facebook game. Basically, you have one game across many devices! For me the best part is the in game purchases across multiple platforms. That is my favorite part of the service. 

Right now it is in beta and I cannot wait for it to be released so I can start making games on it. 

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