Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mass Effect 1 review part 1

When Mass Effect 1 came out, I honestly didn't play as many games as I do today. I was just finishing up college and I had a construction job to help pay for a move across the country. One of my friends on that job picked up the game because he needed something to do because his girlfriend had moved to back to their college town a couple weeks before he went.

Suffice to say I heard a lot of about this game and I picked it up later. I was actually quite amazed on how I instantly liked the game within 20 minutes of playing it. I think it was the first mission on Eden Prime that sucked me in. Everything was set up so perfectly for me to be enticed into the world. Everything was just so well done in the first level that I wanted to play it more.

What was even cooler is that I could pick which kind of class I wanted to be. Now I liked RPGs growing up and I especially liked action RPGs so playing a modern action RPG like Mass Effect was really awesome. I usually pick the class with the sniper rifle. I enjoy the mechanics of lining up a shot and firing.   After playing the first level I was hooked!

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