Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mass Effect 1 review part 3 - Why I chose the standard face

The first time I played the game I made my own face, I thought it was so cool that I was able to do this. I played through the game and it was a lot of fun with my own character. But on my second play through I decided to use the standard face and there were several reasons why I did this.

The first reason is that I was watching a youtube video and a trailer for the game. They both had the standard face in them. In addition the box art had the standard face. I felt that it was a better idea to use the standard face for continuity reasons not to mention the face I used was really different from the standard face. I felt that when I watched the fan made videos and the official trailers for upcoming games I want to feel that it is my Sheppard apart of that action.

Now of course this is just an opinion but I really want to feel that the upcoming content is personal. I know that this is a little contradictory to the game but it is how I feel about the face and how I want to relate to it.

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