Friday, 13 April 2012

Mass Effect 1 review part 5 - The dialoge wheel.

One of the most iconic parts of Mass Effect is the dialogue choices. The first time it came up I was a little confused. Wait, what is this? I have a choice? I did have a choice and it was awesome. What was even more interesting is how commander Sheppard would actually say different dialogue when you selected each dialoge choice. This was awesome. I couldn't believe that this was the game. I actually had choices as to what the character says.

Little did I know that these choices affect the game in a big way and as the series progressed. It also affects the series in a way that I could never imagine. This was really cool and I couldn't believe it. I kinda just hopped in the game and started playing around with it. Personally, that is how I learn I love just playing around with things. So after just messing around with it. I restarted the game and went for the full paragon options. I found that playing the game one way or another was a good choice.

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