Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Mass effect series extended review

One of my favorite games is Mass Effect 2 and the Mass Effect franchise is my favorite franchise. I was eagerly awaiting Mass Effect 3 and thoroughly enjoyed the game. In the last few weeks I have played all 3 games from start to finish again just to see how the whole game works and to comment on it as a whole.

The game series is very well done and I enjoyed playing the games. I want to review all 3 games as if they were one game kinda like reviewing the Lord of the Rings trilogy as work in its entirety. Of course I will talk about the technical challenges, the great design moments in the game and everything else that comes to my mind. I will also adress the ending, my opinion on it and an analysis of the backlash. So over the next few days wait for a blog post on a specific part of the Mass Effect franchise.

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