Monday, 16 July 2012

iStack Mac Bundle talked about on MacLife

You love a deal, right? Perfect, because see that little "Deals" button up there in the top-right corner of Right under the title image? That'll take you to a brand spankin' new web store that'll give you software and gear at a discounted rate. We've teamed up with Stack Social to bring you big savings on cool stuff for your Mac and iOS devices.

The first deal? Get $940 worth of Mac apps for only $50 with the iStack Mac Bundle, including:

 - Parallels 7 (reviewed here)
 - SnagIt
 - Disk Drill Pro
 - Hands Off
 - Clarify
 - Elasty
 - PaintSupreme
 - TextSoap
 - iGlasses 3

Plus, if you're one of the first 5,000 customers, you'll get over ten hours of iOS app development course videos that'll teach you how to build iPhone and iPad apps from scratch, and one lucky customer will win a MacBook Pro with Retina display.  
It's a pretty sweet deal. So if you're aching for some new software, or just want to finally fill up your Mac's Applications folder with the essentials, click on the Deals tab. And don't forget to bookmark it for even more great deals, as the bundles change every few weeks! 

iStack Mac Bundle talked about on The Verge

If you picked up a new Mac following Apple's refreshes at WWDC, you may be looking to fill it up with software — and the iStack bundle over at StackSocial this week could be a pretty good way to do just that. It features nine Mac apps along with an iOS development video tutorial for the first 5000 customers, which would normally go for a combined cost of $953 but is being offered for $49.99 right now.
Headlining the deal is Parallels Desktop 7, the popular virtual machine software that allows you to install Windows and run it right from your OS X environment. This normally sells for $79.99 by itself, so the $49.99 price would represent a pretty good deal even if it weren't packaged with eight other apps. It is, though, and these include Snagit, Disk Drill Pro, Clarify, iGlasses 3, PaintSupreme, TextSoap, Hands Off!, and Elasty, which together offer a wide range of functionality from screenshot capture to data recovery. Sound enticing? At the time of writing, you have 16 days left to make up your mind.

iStack Mac Bundle talked about on CNET

Good news, Mac users: You're about to get a bundle of love. By which I mean software.
The iStack Mac Bundle comes with 10 apps that would normally cost $926. (And people say Mac software is overpriced.) Your cost: $49.99.
Let's start with the crown jewel of the bundle, the program that's most likely to make your wallet spring open: Parallels Desktop 7. A $79 program all by itself, Parallels lets you run Windows 7and Windows programs on your Mac, no rebooting required. It's a top-rated utility, and with good reason.
Even if you buy Parallels from, say, Newegg, you'll pay around $60, which is $10 more than the bundle costs. And, let's not forget, iStack comes with nine other items.
Among the highlights: Snagit, a popular screen-capture utility; PaintSupreme, an image-creation and image-editing tool; Disk Drill Pro, which helps you recover lost data; and iGlasses 3 for fine-tuning Webcam images.
Of particular interest is Udemy's iOS App Development Video Course, which teaches you everything you need to know about designing and launching iOS apps. It typically costs $499 all by itself.
Whether or not you buy the bundle, you can also get Breeze, an $8 window-management tool, for free.
I'm not a Mac user myself, so I can't judge the overall appeal of the bundle. That said, there's no question that it's a bargain for anyone interested in Parallels Desktop or iOS app development.
StackSocial will offer the iStack Mac Bundle for the next 13 days, so you've got time to decide if it's a worthwhile buy.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My course is featured on stack social again.

Hi everybody,

I am pleased to announce that my course is yet again featured on stack social. It is part of their iStack mac bundle for the summer. You can go check it out here

It also feels so good to be on the front page of udemy as well.
This deal wont last forever so please go ahead and get this deal while it lasts.