Monday, 15 October 2012

Practice and performance and tech

My last article was about how liberal art degrees have something really valuable for tech degrees. Software production could be more like music performance: practice and perform.

One of the best summer jobs I had in college was landscaping. In a summer I put up an entire suburban park. I learned how to scale big projects that cost a lot of money. Most of the time we spent preparing and most of the visual work was done in a few days. I feel that tech production can be done the same way.

Employees would practice their skills doing drills and exercises and when they get together in a team they would perform. This makes a lot of sense because the employees would be working smarter and not harder.

France used to have a 35 hour work week and 35 hours of performance is enough. Why push the extra grueling hours of little productivity? I always find that Friday afternoons are a wash anyway.

So if are an artist or a programmer, practice your craft and get ready to perform it. Performance is timed, exiting, and fast.

Don't bog down your production with apathy. Make it exciting, it's a performance after all.

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