Thursday, 1 November 2012

Private school versus public school a new devide

We all know that private schools and public schools operate a little differently. But now with the rise of online education will there be a fundamental difference between the way private and public school teach?

Public schools are very much by the book and they want teachers to fall in line with their philosophy of teaching. That means you have to go through the education path they set out. So you have to get an undergraduate and get a teaching degree afterward. Private schools however, judge you more on experience and teaching ability. So this means if you are an awesome teacher without certification you have to teach at a private school because the public sector wants nothing to do with you unless you jump through their hoops.

Private schools are more about education versus the teaching philosophy. With the rise of computer education what a private school could do is fire half of their staff and buy software that will teach children. A public schoolboard would never do that especially in most schoolboards once you have been teaching there for a certain amount of time you can't get fired. The only way you can get fired is if you beat a kid down with a 2x4.

So private education is all about the student learning and the public system is about a teaching philosophy. If the public system was about student learning they would evolve much quicker than they do.

What happens if your kid goes through the Khan academy and then goes to a public school. Basically, the kid will go from a hyper learning environment to slow classical lectures. If you put your kid through online training then you might have to fork over the money to go to private school because that's where the kid will experience the same learning style.

The public system will not adopt the style of the khan academy and it's a shame that they won't. They could teach kids faster and better. But it goes against philosophy which is more important to them than students learning. It's odd that in that in every other business if you find a better faster way to do a task you are rewarded but in the public system you are shackled by their philosophy of teaching.

The new teacher gives a lecture once and teaches thousands. The traditional teacher will become obsolete. I know the debate between private versus public for kids has always been a matter of preference  But now with online education private versus public can be a matter of quality and style. If a kid learns with his iPad since age 3 there will be friction when you force the kid to sit, shut up and listen to a teacher. All schools have to do is put their lectures online.

The pipe dream would be that as soon as you enter kindergarten you have all of the video lectures and assignments from k12 to complete at your own pace and the major point to go to school is to learn social interactions and to collaborate.

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