Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why 4 years is really enough education

It seems like everybody in their 20s has 2, 3 even 4 degrees. That's a lot of education. While I love learning I'm such a stereotypical entrepreneur and hate school. And as a full disclaimer school is awesome and everybody should go if you haven't gone then what the hell are you doing?

But now you can learn more efficiently. So you can get a 4 year degree in less time. Especially since most college institutions only have 13-16 week semesters. That gives the student a lot of down time. In the past I suppose you could have got a low end job in your industry or internship. But now students fight to be slaves at un paid internships instead of paying jobs. 

Unpaid internships are the worst. I have never done this and I will never do this at my company. 

So there are several possibilities. Perhaps you can get two degrees at once. That is a 2 year college degree and a 4 year university degree. That way at the end of your 4 years you have your two degrees. Or you could even get 2 college degrees and a 4 year university degree. Then you have 3 degrees huzzah! But some institutions won't let you study with another institution. Im sure there is an academically bad reason for this but whatever. 

Anyway, education methods evolve and improve just like everything else. Maybe not as fast as computers but education can be done faster and cheaper so why aren't we doing this? 

Not having a good job for some people is really devastating. It used tob e that universities guaranteed you a better life, now it just generally gives you a better life. When will educational institutions learn that just because you spend more time in their walls doesn't mean you will actually be a better person. So let's just focus on people learning instead of all the other hot air associated with universities. 

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