Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Why are schools against self publishing?

When I was growing up publishing anything was an ordeal. You had to go to a publisher and wait. It was really long process and you got screwed in the end. The publisher took too much and it took 6 months to close a deal.

Now you can self publish pretty much anything. So why don't schools promote this? What if it was mandatory that you release a book on amazon in order to graduate highschool. If you don't want to publish a book, what about an app or a game. The bottom line is that you have to self publish something before you leave highschool. Some people think highschool might be a little young. But what about college or university? What if in order to graduate you had to publish a book. It could be a fictional book.

Whenever I talk to educators on the subject they always look at me and say it's a horrible idea. Perhaps it is  a horrible idea. We wouldn't want the students to outshine the teachers now would we.

When I was 17, I felt this too, some students were amazing and they progressed quickly. To be honest I felt a little defensive. How could this student who was with me for 6 months be this good? That was when I was 17, when I was 22, I just said screw it. I want you to become the best person possible.

So why is self publishing such a bad thing? If anything it gets the students motivated. What would be wrong about saying to a bunch of grade 10s that by the end of high school you should have published a book. What would be even better is if they published an educational book such as how to teach math. 

We should teach kids at an early age to produce and release. It should be a habit for them. It wasn't always a habit for me. I had to unlearn so many years of school and not listen to people in order to get to where I am today. Ask any successful person who has released a project that the most important thing about releasing a project is releasing it. You don't fully learn from the project until you push the release button.

Perhaps one day schools will be a beacon for productivity. That day is certainly not today. 

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