Monday, 11 March 2013

Artists and startups

Imagine you have 2 friends. One of them says they want to be an artist the other says they want to be in a start up. Think about the situation for both of them. Think about your gut reaction to those two life styles....



Are you finished thinking about it? Most people have a reaction like this. For the artist they think something like "You will be constantly living in poverty. There is almost no chance for success. You are wasting your life". For the start up people tend to think about something like this: "Wow perhaps they are the next instagram and will be billionaires. What a cushy job they might have. I wish I was in a startup".

Believe it or not these two paths are almost exactly the same. The only difference is that startups are in and art is out. There are several similarities between choosing a path in art and a startup they include.

- Low probability of success
- Low or no money
- You will always be asking for money
- You are more about the cause than the product
- You may or may not do any work
- Substance abuse

Yep, being in a startup is a lot like being an artist. The only difference is that starups get more funding. I am also not joking about the substance abuse either. I recently went to a startup meetup and I swear one of the people there was high.

Not that any of this is bad I just find it funny that people tend to think of both of these paths as different. If you want to be an artist or in a startup go for it.

Sometimes I see a startup get a ton of money for something that could literally be accomplished in a month with a few thousand dollars. Why do these ideas get so much praise? Furthermore, Im not sure what people do all day. Im assuming a lot of these startups as for money so they can have a trendy work environment. This means that employees show up when they want, they have a cool and trendy office and they want a work environment similar to Microsoft google or Apple. Fair enough. I understand that you can't work in your mom's basement and I also understand that environment does affect productivity. Maybe it's because I love the work part of my day better than any other part so this rubs me the wrong way. 

There is a fine line between working to hard and working too little. When I start work it's go time. It is time to work and it is time to work hard. It's no surprise when millennials run the show it work becomes sponsored by Disney (I'm a millennial by the way). 

Being a musician in a band is a dream experience. You get to make tons of money while paying music, you get laid, you are famous. Obviously music and art is not as respected in the past so if you were born in the 80s then what else is there for you to do? Well, you can think up an idea, go get some money and bam you are living a rockstar like lifestyle. Of course this is better than going to school and trying to find a job.

Maybe Im the kid who turns down the music at the party but at the end of the day you should work. It would be nice to go back to the notion where you could go and work hard at a degree and then find a job instead of finding a weird asymmetrical way of making money. 

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