Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sim City 5 review from a game designer

If you are like me and loved playing Sim City in the past then you were probably like me excited to hear about Sim City 5. It sounded awesome, it looked awesome but at the end of the day was not awesome.

You have probably heard about the online only DRM and massive server problems. But there are some gameplay elements that make the experience frustrating.

1. The square in which you build the city is too smal.. You get a small square to build stuff in Sim City. It frankly should be 9 times what it is. You seriously get no space. This wouldn't be a problem but you always need much more money than you have and then you run out of space.

2. You have no money ever. I assume this is like running a real city where funds are tight but everything in the city is about 30% too expensive. You are constantly cock blocked when it comes to money. You never have enough of it so you spend your time just dicking around until you have enough money. It isn't until later where you find out how to make more money. What you should be able to do is just build more houses and industrial zones. As stated before, you run out of room really fast and then you can't do anything at all. You then have to figure out how to build up instead of out. Which is fine and I wish more real cities would do this but you don't get enough residence to make the game enjoyable.

3. Your resources are cock blocked. You need certain resources to build bigger industrial buildings. Resources like plastic and aluminum alloy. On top of that you can buy sewage services, power and other utilities from neighboring cities. This sounds like an awesome idea but you can never buy enough resources and you can't get enough on your small little land. What would be awesome is if you could take resources from anywhere on the server. That way you always would have somebody to buy it from.

4. All of the other crap that you hear about sim city. Always online DRM, server problems etc. Basically, it is a step backwards.

All they need to do is fix the city box and the cock blocking of resources and the game would be much much better.

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