Monday, 25 March 2013

The tech world is not small business friendly.

Right now it is very fashionable to be an entrepreneur these days. It is also fashionable to be a nerd and technology oriented. Put these two together and you should have a recipe for success. However, the tech world is not small business friendly. When you make software you have to sell it a low price and that means you have to push a lot of volume. Small business usually sells less product for more money.

One other thing that small businesses do is make something and put it out there. What small businesses do not do is try to raise millions of dollars and try to get a fashionable lifestyle. Usually small business people work very hard to make their money. It seems like tech entrepreneurs want to get a Tim Ferris 4 hour work week lifestyle but what they do not want to do is to work.

Let me take a little bit of fun out of the equation. If you really want to be an entrepreneur here is a simple thing you can do. Go to Costco and buy a whole bunch of buns and hotdogs, cook them, then sell them on the street. Chances are you will make more money on that day than you will with your app or game or whatever. This is a very standard entrepreneurial exercise but what it is not is a fashionable lifestyle without six figure salaries and a Jacuzzi in the office.

The point is that if you really want to start something today just go and do it. If you want to make a game get the art, do the programming make a game. If you want to make an app, get the artwork do the programming make an app. Just go and do it. Don't waste time trying to get funding that may or may not come.

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