Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ultimate frisbee is the most underrated sport

Ultimate frisbee? Isn't this a blog about tech.

Yes it is, but I like to talk about activities that make you a better person as well. I always tell people to get involved with music and to keep your body in shape. Surprisingly when I play ultimate I network a lot with tech people.

Anyway, ultimate is underrated sport. It is really fun to play and it is arguably much of a lower impact on your body than soccer. If you are like me and get injured a lot this becomes a big factor.

The best part about ultimate is that you run a lot so it keeps your heart in shape and you get the other benefits of sports such as competition and "reading and reacting".

I used to always tell parents that if you want to give your kid a good chance in life you should put them through music lessons and get them to play sports. They don't have to be super talented or super athletic but going through the motions will lead to a happier life.

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