Sunday, 17 March 2013

When did hiring people right out of university become charity work?

I hire people to do small jobs time to time. Usually the job is really small and usually I like to hire people who are either in their last year of college or have just finished college. For whatever reason this seems to work really well for the people just out of college.

Finding a job right out of university can be tough, real tough and for the kids coming out finding a job is ridiculously hard. The main reason why it is hard is because bigger corporations want you to have experience. This is the most frustrating situation a person out of university can find themselves in. Circular logic is flawed and it seems like most companies like this when hiring people. This wouldn't be so bad but when you come out of a 4 year degree you pretty much have no experience. This could easily be fixed but it seems like post secondary institutions don't want to change. This is fantastic for me because I make courses that fill this void. Also most post secondary institutions teach theory more than practice and while that may be good for an 18 year old coming out of high school it is not good for a 22 year old finishing school.

Remember that if you want a job you have to apply your skills. From my experience theory is about 10% of the equation and the rest is all application.

Let's turn back to me hiring people to get experience. What I do is throw a wrench in the gears of circular logic. I give people a small amount of experience so that they can get a better job. It doesn't take a lot of money or time but it makes a difference in their lives. One person I hired now has a fantastic job at a hospital because I gave him some experience. When I hire people it makes a difference.

Companies have a lot of money to spend they just don't want to spend it. They can spend it on people who help them make more money. The biggest problem is that they are not spending the money on people they are just sitting on it because they are scared to lose it. I understand but it does create a problem.

So if you have a degree and you want to get a job without experience you are out of luck. Luckily people like me know how much that sucks and know how to fix the problem. So like I hire people and it feels more like charity work than actual work. When I walked into a Starbucks and they had a create jobs program I was amazed that it came to having to create a program to hire jobs.

As wrong as it feels to create a charity to create jobs it has come to that. If my company was bigger I would hire more people and really expand that. This would be a great theme for a kick starter campaign.

At the end of the day the whole system of getting a job right now sucks. The schools don't prepare you, the employers don't want to train you. There is a major gap that throws a wrench in the system and it really hurts the economy and human progress.

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