Saturday, 13 April 2013

Attitude towards money and tech

I spent most of my high school years involved in music of some kind. I also spent a lot of times with musicians and artists. One thing that I am seeing over and over again in the tech industry is the attitude towards money is becoming more and more similar to the way artists view money.

This includes both the game industry and the software industry in general. The attitude is that money doesn't really matter and time doesn't really matter. Lot's of app and game developers will gladly give away their creation for free with little promise of return.

Sometimes I do hear people in tech and especially non profit tech companies say "It's not about the money". While that is a wonderful sentiment it doesn't bode well for people's livelihood in the industry. If you hear a musician say "It's not about the money MAN" you think the guy is an idiot. If you hear a tech startup say "It isn't about the money" you think "Wow I'm sure they will flip it for millions".

Let me remind all of you again how fantastic the music industry is thriving (sarcasm). The point is that whenever the bohemian mentality towards money creeps into an industry it is never a good thing. Would you ever hear a mechanic say "It's not about the money man"? probably not.

We all talk about a tech bubble and it is very possible that the fundamentals of business are not considered when evaluating tech companies. So there is this weird 21st century bohemian mentality towards tech startups.

So how do we fix this? We simply run our business like a traditional business. When you are setting up your start up set it up on the principles of business. That is selling a product for money. If your product is good (production), people know about it (marketing and advertising), then your product will do fantastic.

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