Friday, 5 April 2013

Is the game industry crashing?

Is the game industry crashing? If so what are the factors. This is a 1/2 hour video that covers the topic. If you have the time I would recommend watching it. If you like making games I wouldn't panic and I will tell you why.

This video talks about the quality of games and a little about mobile games. Personally, the biggest issue towards the industry is the price point of games and DLC. This video talks a lot about how games are unfinished and they have a ton of DLC to make up for it. The biggest issue I have with the industry is that you usually have to give your game away for free and that people complain about 2 dollar apps being too expensive. 

From a business stand point free sucks and the more money you can charge the better it will be for the company. The freemium model is really hard to build a business around and I think that a new system will have to emerge that compliments everybody. 

Why does free suck? Look nowhere else other than the music industry. A 40 billion dollar industry was reduced to 16 billion. That's a pretty significant drop. Also the surrounding services saw massive decline in profitability. 

Now the biggest issue of free for music isn;t the fact that people are listening to music for free it is the fact that people have disassociated music and money. So if you wanted to teach guitar lessons people wanted you to do it for free. Everything is free and there is no business in free.

Will this happen to the game industry? Possibly. The more stuff people enjoy for free the more people associate free with games and soon everything will be free just like music.

Are you going to worry about a crash especially if you want to work in the industry. Well it might get rocky but it won't die out like in 1982. What you should be prepared for is the post crash environment assuming there will be a crash at all. I have an idea of what Ill do. Do you?

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