Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Office space for the 21st century

If you have ever looked at trying to find office space you run into a problem: there are more condos than office spaces. This is because North America doesn't have as many jobs as it used to. Most developers can make more money with condos than offices spaces. This makes sense because most people think work sucks.

So what do you do about it? Well you could find a traditional office space or you could just make an office in a condo or a townhouse. The latter makes much more sense.  First of all, business of the 21st century is going to be more like business before the 20th century. Small and possibly local. Yes, there will be big or humungous business but the medium sized business will start to erode. That means there will be companies worth billions and then companies making a few hundred thousand to millions a year.

On top of this you can outsource via telecommuting meaning that you will need less overhead. So if you do want to work together it might be better to just rent a condo or a townhouse and work from there. The biggest reason is that you have more selection for the price. If you compare what you would get for a townhome and what you would get for an office the townhome wins hands down. Now there could be an issue with running a business from a home and there could be a "commercial property" issue with zoning. But just tell your landlord what you are using it for and if they agree then there is no problem. Usually the zoning is for people selling stuff out of their house not software.

You also get to make the home much more customizable and personal rather your stock corporate office. In addition this location might be more accessible via mass transit so your employees can come to your office more easily.

This solves lots of problems when trying to find an office space. If you have ever tried to find any kind of office space it's tough and I live in a large urban financially driven city.

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