Friday, 10 May 2013

The easiest and most effective way to change school

Most people who want to have education have this idea on how to change school. It's such a simple idea, it is easy to implement and can revolutionize the way we do education.

Instead of taking away points we add points.

When a students comes into a classroom they have 100 percent. From that point forward they get points taken away. It's so negative. Instead why doesn't a student start at zero and then work their way up. Not only is this way closer to the way life works it gives the impression that you should grow as a student.

The best part is that the grade system doesn't change. If a students gets 80 points correct and 20 points incorrect they still get 80%.

Learning is about growing and not about punishment so why are our school systems all about punishing people for getting stuff wrong.

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