Monday, 22 July 2013

Changing how I think about music

I have been composing and playing music for a while. I have even composed several scores to XBOX games and many other video games. I have a different approach to musical composition when it comes to note choice. What I do is compose music according to intervals instead of chord progressions. What this means is that chord has certain intervals in it and I compose the melody and baseline with those intervals. This is in contrast to most other music where people have a key, a chord progression and melody in the key.

I chose to do this differently because it sets me apart from most other composers and thus makes me sound more unique. I didn't think this up myself, a classical composer of Paul Hindemith really flushes out this idea. If you listen to his music is sounds familiar and different at the same time. Guitar players tend to think with intervals versus keys because it is easier to think about music this way on the guitar. If you want to listen to a song that uses intervals instead of keys, listen to smells like teen spirit by Nirvana.

So why am I going to change my style. Again I do all of the music to my games and I feel like I have to abandon the interval system and go to the key system or at least for the most part I have to do this. I feel that the interval system is just too abstract for people to instantly enjoy especially when it comes to game music. One thing I would also like to do is make atonal music and put it in games. I feel that it does offer some contrast.

The main reason I am switching is because I have been composing several songs in the interval format and the magic just isn't happening. I switch to the chord/key method and the magic starts to happen. If you wan to here a Paul Hindemith song you can check this one out. It sounds pretty epic. Most people don't know about Hindemith so check out this song. It might be a bit weird but the pacing of this song works out quite well.

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