Wednesday, 14 August 2013

AAA games and mobile devices

If you like to play playstation or Xbox games you probably like to play AAA shooters. What you probably don't want to play are mobile games for your iPad. Even though you see so many people playing games for the iPad. There just isn't a game for you.


There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that mobile devices are meant to be much simpler. Where an XBOX 360 controllers has 20 buttons, mobile devices have gestures and 2 buttons at the most to play with.


Certainly the design of an AAA mobile game would have to be much different. In addition the gameplay would have to be changed as well. Gestures change the gameplay quite a bit and they can actually make the game much better. Instead of making a tradition AAA game for mobile devices, designers should think up new innovative ways.


There is a game that really performs when it comes to AAA games on mobile. To be clear, I would like to see a game like Mass Effect on the iPad. It seems too hard to make it happen but the new Stargate game is awesome, just simply awesome.


First of all, the game feels like a AAA game without compromising on the controls. Thegame play uses a touch joystick and a lot of mobile quick time events. Instead of controlling the characters all of the time there are quick time events that handle certain actions. Frankly it’s the best design I have seen for a mobile game.


In addition, the QTE have sounds that make it feel just right when you complete them. If you don’t know this already, most of the top selling games on iOS have sounds that are similar to casino sounds. In fact a lot of developers hire people from casinos to work on their game. In this game the sounds are just satisfying.


While mobile controls are still being worked out, if you like Sci-fi, Stargate or mobile games go check out the game. It’s really awesome.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Teaching your heart out

Teaching in person is so outdated. I usually say to people that rotary phones is to the iPhone as teaching as it currently stands is to what it could be. When you become a teacher you teach your heart out and I mean that literally. Your heart and love you have for the subject matter or the part of teaching you love will be lost because you won't like either anyway. To be clear this is traditional teaching not teaching online. If anything teaching online solves everything.

Education reform doesn't really stand physical barriers it only has mental and social barriers. This is fantastic because this means that all we have to do is change the way we think and we can get right on to improving the school system. The only problem is that people don't like to change anything. 

I tend to highlight the problems that surround education but one of the biggest is that teachers are over worked and don't actually teach enough. Most of the time it's just baby sitting. Also if you are a teacher and want to improve your class by making the lessons better and reducing your workload then you are scolded for doing so. As an entrepreneur I try to make every project 10% better than the last project, 10% faster than the last project and make 10% more money. It doesn't always work but I try and I really try to make this happen. 

As a teacher you are handcuffed to actually improving your classroom and education. The education system is more about the process than actually learning. If educators sat down and brainstormed what would be the best way to teach kids the system would look different. In general here are some points that would improve the education system.
  • Use technology to teach 
  • Hire teachers to teach and babysitters to babysit
  • Let the student work at their own pace