Saturday, 14 September 2013

How Amateurs Destroyed the Professional Music Business

This is a fantastic article about the demise of the music industry.

The short answer is that people do not really care about quality when it comes to music and over supply kills everything. 

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  1. You can't be serious! Was this a test post just to see what people might say in response? I hope so LOL!

    I found some points in this article so interesting, I had to copy n paste them as notes. Here is just one;

    "The serious problem for the working musician, though, isn’t records being cheap — it’s competition from other musicians. Because any talentless hack is now a musician"

    Not many people will pay money for something that "they consider" to be bad, not good or of low quality such as "talentless hack" musicians/singers. If a musician has difficulty competing with "Talentless Hacks", well.... said musician just might be.... you know, well... playing on that level.

    As a Dad of a girl who is starting to play guitar and sing and doing YouTube video's and also as a student of marketing, especially online, I have noticed that the "Quality" that you may be referring to is NOT where it counts to those who shell out their cash.

    To them, it's not so much the Production Quality as it is the "Person" who is the Talent-Singer-Musician. People prefer good talented music FIRST, Production quality is important but it still comes in SECOND.

    I'm sure the automobile industry really upset the Wagon-Wheel makers. Really messed up that whole wagon wheel industry...

    My point is, to those who have foresight and are talented enough to stay ahead of the curve, this is not a problem. But this article DID hit one thing perfectly correct... In my own words, "the kid down the street from me is better than at least half the main stream music available. Dang! Those stupid talented people!

    (this is my own opinion based on my own personal experience. I could be wrong, and that is OK with me, I don't mind).