Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Making your own experience

Imagine that you have applied to over 100 jobs and you haven't been able to land one. The only thing that would resemble a job is an unpaid internship at a small company and the job title says "Assistant". It doesn't say what kind of assistant, it just says assistant. 

Suffice to say that you don't want that internship for the reasons I stated in the last blog article. Imagine that it is Sunday night and you want to wake up tomorrow and get some experience with your job and put all of the knowledge you acquired in your undergraduate degree to work, then what do you do?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple. You start freelancing or you start your own business. This is by far the better option for these reasons.

1. You get to do actual work related to your degree and the work is important. If you are upset that you cannot find a job doing work that is relevant to your career you can start freelancing and do the important work. 

2. You start to make money almost right aways. While landing the first few clients can be hard if you grind enough you can do it and guess what you are getting paid to do something which is much better than not. While it might not be as stead as a job if you are good enough the first few clients will lead to more business.

3. You are more in control of your career. If you truly want more work then you will grind for that work.

4. It will teach you to take initiative if you already do not take initiative. Every employer says they want initiative and they do for higher level position but not entry level position. If you want a higher paying job then initiative is what you need. 

5. You get to build your portfolio with relevant works. If you freelance for a year then you will not only make money from your projects but you will have more projects to put on your resume and LinkedIn. The more you do this the better you get.

Now what happens after this process? Well there are two things that happen. The first is that you go back and apply for your dream job and get it. The second is that you make more money than a company will pay you. You have to decide which is better for you. You might not be able to retire as a freelance graphic artists so maybe this job is temporary. You could perhaps retire on a fancy new web app but event the the chances are low. 

Making your own experience in most cases is much better than an internship. Besides if you tell yourself you really want to work you will take up the initiative and just do it. 

Lastly, when you take initiative you put yourself in a far different category than everybody who is not taking initiative.

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