Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Yesterday I was making an iPhone app. It was really simple and most of the time I try and find an easier solution to any problem. I wanted to play a video so I added the code and everything worked. The video could only be played in landscape as the aspect ratio for the landscape iPhone is very similar to the 16:9 ratio. Watching the video in portrait would not be good.

What I originally wanted to do is have the main screen in portrait and the video in landscape. This would require some extra code. Not that device rotation is hard but the Objective-C code for this is more complicated than it needs to be. It would be much easier to just make the entire app in landscape. This is a technique I use all of the time. If it is easier to do it another way then just do it that way. There really isn't a good reason to have the app in portrait then move to landscape. It is better to have the entire app in landscape.

Now it was time to design the app in photoshop. I think I took a lunch break in between and I forgot to design the app in landscape. I spent all of this time making the app look amazing in portrait.

When I rendered all of my images and went back to Xcode, I quickly realized that I had spent all of this time designing in portrait versus landscape. So I did some quick UI changes and I made my graphics work in landscape. I had to re-render one image.

The best part is that the design in landscape is actually much better than I had hoped for. Now Im actually quick happy that this little accident happened. Now my design is much more creative. What can we learn from this.

1. Make sure you always check the screen resolutions
2. Accidents happen and you need to deal with them
3. You have to get your project done no matter what.

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