Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stop with the confusing / controversial endings.

Right now there is a trend to end a project with a controversial / confusing ending. If you don't know this already, these are done on purpose to get people to talk about it. The more people talk about it online the more popularity the project has. But it really has to stop. Let's have an ending that makes sense.

Most notably is the Mass Effect 3 ending which felt like a real curve ball. Almost nobody liked it and it spawned a lot of chatter. Mission accomplished.

Weather it's a TV show, game or movie the formula is as follows:

1. Write a script with characters we like
2. Develop a fan base
3. Make unpredictable plot choices
4. Rinse and repeat.

Let's have an ending that makes sense. In the case of video games you can have multiple endings but if you do do not look at Mass Effect as an example. The game Catherine had a wonderful set of endings that MADE SENSE!

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