Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Schools should mark production versus standardized tests

If I had one major complaint about school in general is that it places far too much emphasis on tests and not enough emphasis on projects. One thing that would make school much better is if you had to do more projects instead of tests.

Lots of private schools do this already. But really you want the public system needs to start doing this and it needed to start yesterday. This doesn't work for every subject but school needs to focus more about production than it does about standardized tests.

If an alien came to this planet, it would think that filling in scantron bubbles is the most common and lucrative career because that's what we do the most in school.

While standardized tests are necessary they are over emphasized. Society is moving towards being project based which is much different from being factory based. What this ultimately means is that in order to work, you need to fit into the company's project and release something.

There are two ways we can do this. One way is to have a class where students come up with a product to sell. The other is have students work on a team to finish a product. Something like a mechanic.

The possibilities are endless.

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