Thursday, 24 October 2013

Why apple needs its own C#

I made an Xbox game in C# and it was awesome. C# and specifically XNA was really easy to program in. Whenever I code in visual studio I think: this is awesome.

But then I open Xcode and design an app. It looks great but then I have to code it. NOw I know how to code in Objective-C but I don't really like to. Frankly Apple should just make a new language that doesn't look like this (taken from wikipedia).

Person *aPerson = [[Person alloc] initWithAge: 53]; = @"Steve"; // NOTE: dot notation, uses synthesized setter,
 // equivalent to [aPerson setName: @"Steve"];
NSLog(@"Access by message (%@), dot notation(%@),
property name(%@) and direct instance variable access (%@)",
 [aPerson name],, [aPerson valueForKey:@"name"], aPerson->name);

I understand what is going on there but most people don't. Apple needs an easier programming language.

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