Thursday, 3 October 2013

Why write essays anymore? Instead write tutorials!

Most teachers say that students cannot write. That might be true. But writing a ton of essays isn't the answer. This is a classic case of not engaging the students. Perhaps instead of having kids write 100% essays teachers should encourage other forms of writing such as blogging.

But there is something that is really important that you never learn in school. That is how to write a lesson plan. If you do not already know you can find a lot of tutorials online showing you how to do pretty much anything.

Why not teach kids to write tutorials. This could be writing a recipie or teaching a grade 1 student addition. Either way writing tutorials would be more engaging than writing essays all of the time. Also in school you never ever learn how to teach anybody else. Frankly you should start to learn how to teach people in grade 7. Writing tutorials is a lot more practical and it solves the problem of kids not writing enough.

There are 5 reasons why teachers should adopt kids writing tutorials as young as possible.
1. It improves their writing skills
2. It teaches them to instruct
3. It engages their interest
4. It helps other people lear
5. It also shows them how to start an education business.

If you are a teacher why haven't you implemented this in your classroom?

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