Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A very simple plan to help people learn to save money

I have been a contractors since I was 17. This means that I have had variable income since I was 17. Most people do not get this they get paid a fixed amount twice a month. This is great because people know how much they are getting.

Even today I get paid anywhere between 30 days and 6 months after a sale. So unless you go to my website www.mammothinteractive.com and buy my stuff I might not see that money any time soon.

This may sound horrible to people but it is a reality to me. More surprisingly this system of payment is much better. Often times something simple can fix a huge problem. Consumer debt is one of the biggest issues facing the US and Canada today. If we paid people monthly this help the problem.

The reason is that you have to really focus and budget when you get your pay check. Sure a  few people will see a 4 000 dollar check and blow it right away but in a few months they will learn not to do that.

For me it has been great. I save most of my money as a result. More employers should do this.

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