Thursday, 12 December 2013

Divergent thinking mad minutes

Remember doing mad minutes in school? This is the drill where you try and complete 100 multiplication questions in 1 minute. This drill has different names but the premise is the same.

Sadly, this isn't being taught in schools anymore. The reason is that it is too competitive and schools don't like competitive environments. That is the topic for another blogpost.

But in this post let's talk about divergent thinking mad minutes. Divergent thinking is the ability to brainstorm. People who are good at divergent thinking can think of more things than they can physically write down. People who are not good at divergent thinking can only write a few.

Either way, anything cognitive can be improved. If you are a teacher, I would ask your class to write down as many adjectives to a certain word. You can also do the same thing with verbs. Here are a couple examples.

Write down as many adjectives for the word green.

Write down as many verbs you can for the word car.

This skill can be improved upon if we wanted it to. The problem is that nobody really cares.

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