Friday, 21 February 2014

Coding schools and education regulation.

First of all what is a coding school and second why are they regulated?

Well coding schools have popped up all over the place especially near silicon valley in California. What they are is a bootcamp like class where they take you from knowing nothing about coding to being a hirable developer. After all, knowing how to code is important and can land you a job. I am always surprised that even if you know CSS you can land a decent wage and by decent wage I mean like 60k a year. For those of you who don't know CSS is not that hard to code in.

What can be wrong with this? Coding schools offer a class for a skill set that is in demand. Not only does it help create jobs to teach the people how to code but it students can go get decent paying jobs. More jobs equals a better economy and who doesn't want a better economy?

According to local governments there is a lot wrong with coding schools. Perhaps because they are somewhat expensive perhaps because they offer no accreditation. I first heard about a coding school in Ontario Canada that investigated a coding school.  They have since then sorted everything out but I still thought it was unnecessary. We will get to why coding schools shouldn't be under investigation in a minute.

Then I heard that a lot of the schools in California threatened some schools to shut down, pay a fine and refund the money! Now this is getting serious.  Im sure that not every coding school is fantastic but the good ones get penalized. There is one simple reason why coding schools should not be under investigation.
They do no offer accreditation!

People know that going in and that's why they go. I should point out at this point that going to a coding school is in some ways better than getting a degree in computer science. Coding schools give you hands on training for relevant problems on the first day. CS degrees teach you more theoretical knowledge.

If I was 18 today, I would go to University and study something that I thought would expand my personal horizons. During the summer I would go to a coding school. Each system has something that the other lacks. As a young person you need the personal development just as much as you need the specific training. Your career will be better as a result.

If I was 30 and just need a job, I would go to a coding school because time spent in school is money lost.

Why are the governments shutting these things down. If I put on my tin foil hat, I might think that "Big Education" or the "Education Industrial Complex" has something to do with it. Maybe in the USA this could somewhat be the case as the colleges and universities there have a ton of money to lose. At the same time these coding schools show the American dream. They offer a better product for less, simple as that.

Taking off my tin foil hat, I can see that what is happening. There is a generation gap and a disconnect between what policy makers put in place and what job seekers need. If you want to learn to code you can go to these coding schools. Or you can hop on line and code today.

My classes help you with this. I offer a lot of courses that teach you the basics of programming in 1 hour and also offer classes that help you get apps to the app store. You can subscribe to my courses for a dollar!

Or you can start learning to code for free here.

This will get sorted out. If you know how to code you have a job, simple as that.

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