Monday, 14 April 2014

Do music lessons and organized sports make kids future focused?

We have all heard of the marshmallow test you give kids. You give the kid an option to either have one marshmallow now or two later. Most kids eat the first marshmallow but some kids wait. The idea here is that the kids who do not eat the first marshmallow are future focused. They know that if they wait they will be rewarded in the future. This concept works for everything from career planning to savings. 

The core concept is that if you put in the sacrifice today the future you will be better.

If you are a parent and you gave you kid this test and they failed, the good news is that you don't have to jump off the balcony because your kids going to wind up working in some low end job. 

You can really teach your kid to be future focused. You can always talk about being future focused and furthermore you can actually be future focused. You could start saving and working on a new skill.

In implicitly, you can sign you kid up for music lessons or organized sports. Both of these in implicitly teach kids how to be future focused. By putting in the practice today, you will be better tomorrow. Eventually, the kid will understand and see the results of this.


  1. Definitely lots of benefits of organized activities, but based on personal experience, I don't think focusing on the future is one of them. I think it can teach: discipline in sticking with an activity, to interact socially, to push yourself beyond your limits, to structure your learning, and to manage your time.

    In terms of the future though? I have many peers (I'm now in my mid-twenties) who are stuck in the past. I have friends who's only concern in life is the baseball championship they're playing in this weekend who no one has heard of. Friends who you can't ski with because they're snobby about the fact you can't keep up. I feel like lots of people get taught to work hard, but get trapped in this dream world and forget to translate what they've learned with one activity to other parts of their lives.

    John (

  2. The biggest problem with music and sports is that you do them too much. In this case, chasing failed dreams that have no chance of happening.

    The core concept here is that you put in work today so that you will be better tomorrow.