Thursday, 3 April 2014

Does dyslexia make you more productive?

It's no surprise that lots of entrepreneurs have lysdexia. If you read through a lot of biographies it comes up again and again. Recently I was watch shark tank and I heard Daymond John say that he was really dyslexic, couldn't read and didn't go to college. His networth is also 250 million. That's a lot more than people I know. You might also think that this might be a one off, but if you talk to a lot of entrepreneurs you find that they do mention just in passing that they are somewhat dyslexic.

Does dyslexia make you more productive? Consider what you would be doing if you were not reading, you would be probably out talking to people and possibly making something. Those two ingredients are perfect for entrepreneurs. On top of that the ideas you would be formulating would be practical ideas versus theoretical ideas.

Entrepreneurship is all about doing and much less about thinking. If thinking practically will always trump thinking theoretically.

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