Saturday, 5 April 2014

Why does school need to be so unproductive?

We talk about productivity a lot. What does it even mean? In economics, productivity means the rate at which you can produce products. If you are more productive you can can produce products that are better quality for cheaper and today with people thinking about the environment, it means to be less harmful to the environment.

How does this apply to education? Productivity in education would center around these points
1. How fast the students learn
2. How easy it is for the teacher
3. How expensive is it?
4. Overall happiness for both students and teachers.

Currently most school systems are not productive. This is not surprising because most schools use standardized testing. If schools marked produced products instead of standardized test, then we could measure productivity better.

Instead we can focus on the delivery of the material. Most teachers spend their time making lessons for the students. That means teachers spend all this time making material that is about 90% the same. It would be much better if the lessons were made pre hand and the students could then watch the videos. They would still go to class, but watch the lectures in class. If they didn't get what the teachers were saying the students could go watch the videos at home.

This makes life easier for so many reasons. The first is that the teachers don't have to make lessons plan each night. The second is that the students can watch the videos as many times as they need. Lastly, it frees up the teacher to help the students who need help.

This makes the classroom way more productive. It also makes life easier for a teacher. That may not seem important, but having employees that are not stressed out is really important. A lot of teachers end up burnt out or with even more severe mental problems.

When it comes to mental problems you have to treat them like physical problems. Often times you hear "you wouldn't tell a cancer patient to just deal with it and cheer up". Going with that line of thought, you wouldn't work at a factory that has poor air quality and can give you lung cancer. If you did get cancer and the factory was at fault you could sue them. Why would you want to work at a place that was mentally hazardous in the same way the factory is physically hazardous.

It's only a matter of time before a teacher is going to sue a school board for this reason and win. Frankly teaching the classroom is not fun, tiring and physically exhausting.

All roads point to the online education revolution.

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