Saturday, 12 July 2014

One of the most overlooked advantages to learning with video

Some people love learning by watching videos. One of the most overlooked reasons as to why this is important is the fact that you can watch videos at a faster pace.

When I was making an XBOX 360 game I needed to update my knowledge in C#. There were no post secondary classes that had a course on how to do this and the only course was available through a DVD. The DVD was made with Visual Studio 2005 and we were already in 2009. It was obsolete but most of the information I needed was there.

I was watching the tutorials and going though them one by one. Then I realized that VLC player has a feature that could make your videos play faster. At this point in time I could fly through the videos.

Why go to a lecture in real time when you can watch something at 1.66 the speed. This was my favorite speed to watch videos at. Whenever I watch a tutorial today and it isn't spead up, I don't like watching it.

This is a huge productivity feature nobody talks about. Few educators ever talk about productivity and fewer implement it. 

Watch your videos at a faster rate to learn more in less time.

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