Sunday, 15 March 2015


Recently I have been reading up on the ancient Greeks. It's always good to learn and when you get fascinated with something I always suggest just diving right into the subject and learning as much as you can. Luckily a game came out that highlights ancient Greek art styles. The idea is that you play a game with an artistic style of the ancient Greeks. I played the game and it's pretty good.

One thing that I always like to remind people about is to get your ideas out the door because otherwise somebody else will do it. I had this idea years ago. Now I am not saying the developer's copied my idea. Remember if you have an idea, then hundreds to thousands of other people will have the same idea. If you have a good idea, don't wait and especially don't think that you are the only person to have that idea.

So what will I do next? I think I will use this aesthetic for my games as well. Even though people will say "It rips off Apotheon", I don't really think that's an issue.Remember you can build upon what is already in existence.

Back in 2008 I had an idea for a game and in that game there was a section where you play as an Egyptian Hieroglyph. When brainstorming, I thought of doing the same thing with Greek art. Either way, go play Apotheon, make sure you release your creative ideas and don't be afraid to build upon what is already in existence. Here is a screenshot from my game.


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